Love Dance

by Nosakhere Papa Soul

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Love Dance is the charming and energetic romance experience, that grabs you beat by beat into its intimate getaway of unique sound. Sure to amorously excite and make you dance! All with a hot and generous dose of absolute love.


This “Hot” new CD from Papa Soul is all about 2 words,.. Love and Dance!!!,..

From the very beginning this music had a mission, to fill you with all things romantic and make you dance.
Smooth, visual, & sexy,.. stimulating, inviting, & exciting.
"Love Dance" was designed with you in mind, just for the purpose of fun and romance.
With so much of the regular drama to spoil your mood ,. Why not share in the love that lifts you up!
As it naturally and energetically charms and excites you, song by song, word by word,
and note by sweet exciting note to remind you of what’s most important.
Getting back to the love, joy, dance, and romantic passion.
You know,.. the good stuff that we have all been blessed with here on this earth that makes our world really go round.
“Love Dance” charmingly celebrates the love and beauty in you.
With 16 original songs of real music composition and instrumentation.
”Love Dance” is sure to entertain and speak directly to the sexy romantic in you.
This music was designed to pleasantly and intentionally stimulate your arousal.
With provocative and sensually uninhibited lyrics crafted to design.
Ladies and Gentlemen, music like this was never created for the love of riches,
But was made only from the riches of heart and soul for the love.
Wait no longer,.. get all the love that’s here for you.
Do your dance & party with this musical recipe for Intimacy and all that follows in your bedroom,..
With the all new- "Love Dance"- ENJOY!!!

Written, produced, performed by: Nosakhere Papa Soul-



released August 7, 2012

Lady T wrote:

5stars!!!- Loving this CD

This CD is the best one yet. If you want original good music that is timeless then you must own this CD. Very romantic and that falsetto voice will send chills up your spine. This CD is a must don't wait to purchase this one. GREAT MUSIC Papa Soul!

Sharice Johnson wrote:

5stars- Excellent!

Very refreshing, original and charming from beginning to end. bought this online last night been listening to it all day. Yes,.. really do like the way it makes me feel, niiiice cover design-



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Nosakhere Papa Soul Chicago, Illinois

Nosakhere Papa Soul is a well rounded, well received creative artist with true global appeal. Bringing both originality & versatility with his unique vision to the arts, business & entertainment world. A writer/producer/vocalist of all types of music. Such as Soul/ Hip-Hop/R&B, neo-soul and more. With dynamic style & unforgettable originality.

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Track Name: I Celebrate You by artist: Papa Soul
(1st vrs)

Girl just let the stars in your eyes shine bright down on me,
No one in the whole world, in love with I’d rather be,
We’ll just let the champagne pour all night we’ll do it righhht,..
So let all your hair down girl cause tonight is your night,


Babygirl ask me again how you look so I can say beautiful,
Glammed out from your elbows to ya cuticles,
Dress so hot fit tighter than a schedule,
I can tell later on its bout to get sexual,
Let me open up car do’s like a gentleman,
5 star restaurante's we’ll be into them,
Honoring my Queen, get you anything you ask for
This night celebrates you da one I live for,


Lets just celebrate our love together here
Right under the full moonlight feels so sincere
We’ll just let the stars line up a thousand years
We’ll remain in love always forever dear-

(2nd vrs)

I can feel the sparks fly just like that first day we met,
That look in your eyes that turns me on when you get wet,
Dancing to this groove while holding you close feel so fly,
As we let this romance shine like diamonds in the sky,..


Let me hold on to ya waist when ya dance in ya heels get ya groove on,
Let me feel da motion in ya hips put a move on,
Papa got me sweating in my 3 piece suit
Steady bouncing ya backside baby-girl on time,
Put a little dip in my back wit my 2 step,
Watching every move on her body quick as you get-
Out dis club & get out that dress,
It’s time- for some action, girl you know da rest!


Lets just celebrate our love together here
Right under the full moonlight feels so sincere
We’ll just let the stars line up a thousand years
We’ll remain in love always forever dear-

(3rd vrs)

Girl just let your gown slide of those thighs real slow, real niiiiice,... Alright, Alright,
Lets undressed but keep those high heels on tonight!
So nice, So nice,
The way your skin butt naked glows in the moonlight -(carry in harmony)
And girl when we make love I feel you cum on me so tight-


Baby let me slow wine in ya body like a tiger in da bedroom, filling you with thickness grind like a sex tune,
Gimmie dat thrust in da middle put a ripple through my body when you whip dat nani tho it right back to you wetter than a slip n slide with ya motion bending you in every angle I can get you open, pounding you into pleasure baby cause I own dat, Climaximum cumin everywhere the loves@!

Written by: Nosakhere O. Bell 6-24-2012